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We offer a diverse portfolio of advanced embryo culture solutions, including products, services and technologies to meet the evolving needs of the reproductive medicine industry, including embryo culture, Embryo culture monitoring, oocyte retrieval, and IUI.

Synvivo™ - Benchtop Multi-chamber Incubator

  • Product : Synvivo™

  • Code : CNC-I091

  • CE certification

ㆍ Synvivo is like a little apartment complex composed of eight individual independently working mini- incubators.

ㆍ Its eight chambers have individual on/off control for their gas supply, which minimizes the gas consumption.

ㆍ Each & individual chamber is equipped with heating elements on top as well as bottom of the chambers.

ㆍ  7” touch screen offers exact display configuration for user’s convenience.

ㆍ  A VOC Filter administration program is integrated to automatically alert filter replacement. 

ㆍ  Compatible with most of the culture dishes such as Falcon, Nunc, Multi well, Etc.

ㆍ  Easy administration of log data is possible through a USB port

ㆍ  Quality certified components with proven performance allow Synvivo to produce optimal culture environment.. 

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