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We offer a diverse portfolio of advanced embryo culture solutions, including products, services and technologies to meet the evolving needs of the reproductive medicine industry, including embryo culture, Embryo culture monitoring, oocyte retrieval, and IUI.

i-workcham CO2 ™ - IVF CO2 Chamber

  • Product : i-workchamCO2™

  • Code : CNC-I060CO

  • Minimize embryo temperature shock with two heater systems.

  •  Air Heater System

  • Table Dual Warm Plate System that maintains dish temperature even when the door is opene

  • i-workcham minimizes CO2 gas consumption and provides fast gas recovery.

  • Totally flat workspace! The microscope is built-in above the equipment, so the table is clean.

  • The equipment is small, but unnecessary structures are removed to make work easier and the interior space is wide. (Easy to clean and manage equipment)

  • Nikon Microscope installed

  • Can customize with your own Microscope 

  • High resolution 4K Camera

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