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We offer a diverse portfolio of advanced embryo culture solutions, including products, services and technologies to meet the evolving needs of the reproductive medicine industry, including embryo culture, Embryo culture monitoring, oocyte retrieval, and IUI.

i-workcham™ - IVF Workstation + Chamber + Incubation

  • Product : i-workcham™

  • Code : CNC-I060

  • CE certification

  • Unlike conventional clean benches, i-workcham is equipped with a special FFU System which gives the least stress to ovums or embryos because of its low vibration and noise. 

  • The sofisticate design allows  the most convenient service for Prefilters and HEPA filters without moving any instruments inside. 

  • i-workcham has a completely heated tabletop. The flat surface allows free and quick handling of dishes without any uneven steps.

  • i-workcham offers the best cultivation environment with gas supply system, gas humidification, and special glass hood for dish incubation.

  •  Nikon Microscope installed

  •  Can customize with your own Microscope 

  • High resolution 4K Camera

  • Monitored images can be stored through 

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