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IVF labs worldwide are clamoring for more storage
space and greater utilization of their dewars.
VitroStash is the economical, common sense, solution to double dewar capacities.
Nothing changes in your lab except improved storage space.
No need to purchase new dewars, alarms, additional LN2, and more importantly,
no need to find additional storage space. A complete retrofit with VitroStash is about
half the cost of a new dewar. The math is simple.  

Double your dewar capacity.

VitroStash can be used with any commonly used dewars in IVF clinics.
Canister diameters 63 and 71 mm for 10 canister dewars and 92 and 102 mm

for 6 canister dewars.
Each configuration is engineered to fit perfectly and to virtually guarantee

that your dewar capacity will double.
Start small if you’d like.

Try a set to see just how you can begin to easily retrofit your storage needs.

Exceptional value.

The VitroStash System allows you to do more with less. Less space.

Less expense. Less hassle.

It’s easy to see by the comparison below how a VitroStash storage solution can be beneficial to your clinic.

To store 394 patients
conventionally you would need:

2 dewars, 2 alarm monitors, 2 roller bases
and 400 goblets and canes.

To store 394 patients with
VitroStash you would need:

1 dewar, 6 or 10 pairs of VitroStash
canisters, 1 alarm monitor, 1 roller
base, 400 each goblets and canes.



Labs worldwide are faced with storage space limitations.

VitroStash is the simple, cost-effective storage enhancement solution.
A dewar retrofit with VitroStash will cost about half of a new dewar.
VitroStash increases current storage capacities by more than 2X.
No need to change current lab configurations.
Enhanced grid configuration allows for simple, ergonomic storage.
Fewer dewars further reduces energy and LN2 costs.

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