CASA- Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis

A new generation product that allows you to automatically

measure the motion parameters and the concentration
of sperm in the ejaculate of humans and animals, evaluate

the morphological parameters of spermatozoa in stained by

the method of Diff-Quick.
Analysis of the parameters is carried out in accordance with

the recommendations of the World Health Organization.
• Automated Vitality & DNA fragmentation is also included.
• Database Album features very user friendly customizable reporting and network enabled data sharing. 



Automated Spermatozoa concentration and movement parameters evaluation in real time

• Automatic determination of the concentration of sperm in the ejaculate, in million / ml
• Counting and determining the concentration of round cells

  (leucocytes, erythrocytes, epithelial cells, spermatogenesis) in mln / ml
• Determination of numerical and percentage of sperm with different mobility
• Ability to self "learning" classifier to evaluate the motility.

Automated Spermatozoa morphological parameters evaluation on Diff-Quik stained specimens

• Automatic evaluation of morphological parameters
• Classification by visual criteria Kruger method
• Recognition of pathology of the head and neck
• Gallery - normal and pathology
• Calculation of indices of multiple sperm defects: TZI, SDI, MAI.

Automated Spermatozoa morphological parameters evaluation on Diff-Quik stained specimens

DNA Fragmentation

Automated analysis based on Sperm Chromatin Dispersion Test


Database Album

User friendly strong Database storage

• Works independently from other modules
• Customizable blank reporting design enables multiple reporting formats
• Quick search and sorting as per user defined filters
• Server and Workgroup Connectivity
• Features storage of all videos, Images with tracks, Images for Morphology, Vitality
& DNA Fragmentation & Data tables

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